Casey Bienvenu

The Smart Choice story is an unlikely story that begins with a young man from a small Louisiana town, as he boldly applies for a web development position at an emerging advertising and digital marketing firm in a neighboring town. Today, 12 years later, the aspiring web developer is now a successful entrepreneur and the author of a leading educational software platform.

Starting in middle school, Casey was always interested in programming. While in 7th grade, he volunteered to help with the school’s website, working with a teacher and an “HTML For Dummies” book. With this new knowledge, and a thirst for more, he sought out more small projects from local businesses and continued to learn web development.

At 16, he reached out to Firefly Digital about an internship, and was thrilled when he got the job. For the next 10 years, Casey worked for Firefly as a developer, working on hundreds of projects, ranging from e-commerce, to oilfield intranets, to college bowl games.

Along the way, Casey attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer science (with a minor in mathematics…after all the required math courses!)

In 2012, Casey approached Firefly about a project he had been working on for his high school and the local school district since 2004. A handful of local school districts had heard about the project and expressed interest in using the system. After some brainstorming, some code re-writing, and a deal with Firefly, Smart Choice was officially born! There’s been no turning back since. 

When he’s not programming, Casey loves to be in the mountains skiing and spending time with his wife Emese. Their miniature Dachshund Rover is often sighted, and heard barking (contributing ideas), in the background on Google Hangout.

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