Smart Choice™ offers a variety of reporting tools and features that allow you to review and analyze your application, lottery, wait list and registration data in a variety of formats. The new Admin Dashboard feature takes these existing reporting tools and amplifies the experience for all administrators on your staff.

This new Admin Dashboard is the first view for all administrators within your staff. Each administrator has the option to build or configure their own set of reports based on data they have access to and want to see based on their needs. Each dashboard comes equipped with default reports like:

  • Applications by Submission Status
  • Applications by Eligibility Status
  • Applications by Grade
  • Applications Submitted by Timeframe
  • Applications by Program
  • Lottery Lists by Program

For each report view on the Admin Dashboard, filters can be set based on the specific view being added in line with the administrators’ needs. These filters help administrators narrow down the applicant pool for their reports based on their personal needs. In addition to filtering by status, program/school and grade each administrator has the option to setup custom colors for the graphs to use in their display. This allows the look and feel of the dashboard in line with each users’ preferences or school/district rules and branding. 




Lastly each administrator can easily resize, reorder and sort their reports in their Admin dashboard by pinching or stretching or dragging and dropping the reports into their preferred layout.

Learn more about this feature today by scheduling a demo or if you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information.