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Smart Choice Centralized Enrollment Press Release Touts New Product Launch

Today, Smart Choice released its centralized enrollment press release announcing the launch of its PreK-12 centralized enrollment platform. The platform incorporates all of the powerful components and features from the Smart Choice Solution and Pro Features to provide a streamlined and easy to use system for centralized, universal and common enrollment needs. The result? Parents get a simple single application and enrollment process that makes school choice smarter and easier!

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Learn more about the Smart Choice Centralized Enrollment Platform.

Centralized enrollment, also known as common enrollment, universal enrollment, unified enrollment, continues to grow alongside school choice, as citywide and regional school choice efforts centralize the application and enrollment process under one application.

Cities like Detroit, Denver, New Orleans, D.C. and New York are pioneering centralized enrollment bringing greater educational opportunities to the families in their cities.

While school choice has introduced more fairness and access to good schools into communities, the complexities of making good choices for parents and the complexities of managing an effective school choice application and enrollment system have yet to overcome serious challenges that undermine school choice.

The Smart Choice platform has overcome many of these challenges and offers a ready-to-deploy system that significantly reduces the costs of operation and time-to-launch period.

Learn more about Smart Choice’s Centralized Enrollment Platform.

Smart Choice continues to innovate in the area of school choice as we learn more about the needs of schools, districts and citywide school choice integrations. Making school choice more effective, easier for parents and administrators are goals that drive innovation and new product development here at Smart Choice.

Learn more about our existing client base, which currently supports more than 3 million students in more than 4,000 schools across the U.S. and nationally.