Don’t miss out on these amazing new features recently released in the Smart Choice System.

Bulk Text Messaging

Now, the bulk messaging features available in the system can be used to bulk text message students and parents. If you have the Text Messaging feature enabled on your system you can easily bulk text message students based on select criteria and filters. Easily filter and sort by applicants you wish to communicate with, build your text message either from a template or in a free form editor and send, its that easy!

Email Scheduling

Using our existing bulk emailing features you can schedule email notifications to go out at a later date and time. Simply select your recipients (Parents, applicants or admin users) build your email and schedule setting the date and time. The system will automatically send out your email or text message notification at the date and time you specify. Just set it and forget it!

Adjustable Columns

Each module of the system has its applicants, students and placements shown in a table based format. Most often schools and districts need to know the same sorts of basic demographic information from this view but sometimes some information is not necessary or new fields need to be added. Enter Adjustable Columns, administrators now have the ability to update the columns and organization of columns in the main modules of the system. Learn more below.

Learn more about these new features today by scheduling a demo or if you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information.