HISD walks Parents through their all new Smart Choice™ System!

Getting ready for the first round of applications, the Houston Independent School District and Smart Choice™ Technologies walk parents through the entire process of applying to magnet schools online!

Smart Choice™ Technologies is excited to be a part of the launch of a new online application and lottery management process in the Houston Independent School District, announced by KUFH News. This new, online experience is streamline, easy, and efficient for the parents and district members – definitely a ‘Smart Choice’ for the HISD.

Not only can the parents apply a student to up to ten programs online, parents can apply all the students within their household with one single sign-on account!

With the all online, Smart Choice™ Administrative Component, district members can review and manage applications in real-time and maintain constant communication with parents via email notifications.

As part of the launch, Mallory Juneau, Smart Choice™ Business Development Manager, helped walk parents through every aspect of the Smart Choice™ Online Application Component from submitting applications to reviewing the status of a previously submitted application.

While paper applications will still be accepted, HISD will continue to hold a series of workshops and meetings over the next several months to familiarize parents with the new online option. The easy transition to the online application will make applying students a wonderful experience for parents.

“By making our magnet application, lottery, and parent-notification systems available online, we are not only streamlining the process and making it easier and less time-consuming for parents, but we are ensuring equity in access for all of our families, regardless of income, language, or part of town they live in,” said Assistant Superintendent of School Choice Dave Wheat.

Smart Choice™ Technologies is proud to support the HISD in their transition to an online student application and lottery management system, helping to solidify internal processes and streamline the entire application sequence from parents to administration.

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