Magnet Schools of America’s yearly survey reveals the true success of magnet schools across the country.

MSA_Logo-300x90In the 1960’s, magnet schools began serving as a means to remedy racial segregation in public schools.

By the 1980’s, Magnet Schools of America (MSA) was organized as a for-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Texas.

diversity-by-the-numbersIn 1994, Magnet Schools of America was approved by the IRS as a non-profit, professional educational association. Later, MSA relocated to Washington, DC in 2000, where they exist today representing nearly 2,000 magnet schools nationwide.

Every year Magnet Schools of America performs a national survey of magnet schools offering a variety of themes, at all levels of the K-12 spectrum.

Magnet School Diversity:

Promote choice[/list_item]
Maximize opportunities[/list_item]
Ensure diverse learning environments

Based upon the survey performed by MSA, 96% of magnet schools help to reduce racial disparities and 80% have school wide diversity programs. In addition, 70% of magnet schools have diversity goals.

Scott Thomas, Executive Director of Magnet Schools of America said, “Magnet Schools are quietly making a significant difference in the lives of students and serve as our best example of what works in education.”

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