Smart Choice Technologies is happy to announce that Marion County Public Schools has launched its new Magnet, Choice, and COE applications, as well as their lottery process using the Smart Choice platform.

Marion County Public Schools has designed open access magnet schools and programs that offer specialized courses focused on theme-based instruction and technology.  Their specially-trained magnet teachers often come from professional careers in the private sector, matching their teaching subject areas. Magnet schools and programs attract students from all over Marion County, not just surrounding school attendance zones.

To further achieve this goal, Marion County partnered with Smart Choice, where we were able to enhance a variety of our existing, as well as new, features that are focused on making the process accessible, easy, and efficient for parents and administrators during this new online endeavor.

SIS Integration

In order to allow existing students who are already enrolled in the district to easily submit their application, Smart Choice worked with the Marion County team to integrate their existing student information system into the Smart Choice system. This allows parents to securely look up their student at the beginning of the application process, which in turn makes it simple to fill out the application form with most of the student’s demographic information being pre populated from their record.

Address Verification

As part of Marion’s Magnet placement process, it is essential for district administrators to know which students live in or out of county or within specific school boundaries. Rather than having to manually check each applicant’s address, the Smart Choice system automatically verifies applicant addresses against the county’s boundaries and zoned schools for the quick, easy and accurate processing of student applications based on the data points that are relevant to the district and its needs.

Lottery Seat Manager

Each lottery and placement process that is created at Smart Choice is customized and configured specifically to meet the overall needs of the district and its rules and policies. For Marion County, seats can be allocated in a variety of ways based on the applicant pool at hand. Because this process differs day to day as students submit applications, they need a way to manage this process in an efficient and flexible way. Smart Choice developed a custom seat management tool allowing the district to set the rules for seats at each program within each grade making it easy to hold seats open for Magnets, Choice, and COE students, or even pull students based on their zoned school determined by their address.

Check out the application website developed for Marion County, and stay tuned for more details about the development of their system!

We are thrilled to have Marion County Public Schools as part of the Smart Choice family.

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