Student admissions can be a daunting process underneath the heavy burden of paper weight.

Birth certificates, transcripts, paper applications and registration packets can accumulate, costing schools and districts time, energy and money – lots of money!

As an Account Manager for Smart Choice Technologies, my clients are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of paper forms circulating through their offices.

Solving problems and coming up with solutions is what we love to do and if that means saving our clients some extra time, then we are on board!


Offering an area for parents to download documents relevant to the school or program they are applying for saves tress and time.  It also allows parents to see all the required forms, policies, handbooks and more in one area. This not only serves as a parent check-list but also reduces the amount of time and materials used to provide printed packets to parents.


Parents and administrators alike have the ability to upload files from their computers directly into the Smart Choice System and connect those files to a specific application for a student. This immediate upload makes collecting required documents easily accessible by administrators reducing the lag time of mailing or hand delivering the paperwork to the school or admissions office.


Sending emails through the Smart Choice System is a great way to cut down on that extra paper weight. With the Email Tracking features within the system, administrators can see if parents are reading the emails, how many times the parent has read an email, if an email was bounced and even see the exact email sent to the parent! In addition, administrators can include brochures, forms, and other attachments in an email to send directly to parents for download within the email message.

Storage Space

Districts as large as Houston Independent Schools have moved toward an online application and lottery management process with Smart Choice Technologies allowing their administrative staff to manage documents online. Not only is HISD reducing the amount of accumulated paper but they are also reducing the square footage that it takes to house paper forms for over 20,000 student applicants for the 2014-2015 school year alone!

In Case of Emergency

In the case of an emergency such as a flood, tornado or a fire, documents are safe within the Smart Choice system. Storing and managing documents online prevents the total destruction of the precious paper copy should an emergency ever arise.

Ease of Access

Managing documents via the Smart Choice System gives all users an ease of access. Since the Smart Choice System is a web based platform, administrators and parents only need an internet connection and a web browser to login to the Smart Choice System to upload, download and manage their documents in one central location.

So drop the paperweight and think about moving to an online application, lottery and enrollment process, its smart, efficient and environmentally conscious saving trees and time.

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