The system now allows for siblings to be collected in a single area regardless of type or program applying.

Currently, the sibling fields are shown for each program that the parent selects in the application, with an attending and applying section for each. This can be overwhelming for parents with many choices. The new simplified sibling process now has a single area to add ALL siblings.

Sibling attending priority is determined automatically when sibling is verified, based on the sibling current school matching the program’s school. Siblings no longer need to be linked application to application, and instead linked student to student only.When verifying a sibling, a lightbox will appear to link to a student record as a whole. This is in contract to current process of linking each application individually.

Then based on this student to student relationship, the system will automatically determine “applying siblings” based on applications to the same program, or same school, depending on “Sibling Linking Restriction” rules from Internal settings based on your existing set up. 

The existing sibling step will continue to work and function as it has in the past.  


This update is available on all systems installed August 1, 2017 and later. If you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information on turning this feature on for your system.