Student addresses and location are a huge part of the recruiting and selection process for most of our clients.  Many districts have restrictions based on locations, priorities based on zone or address and other features focused on the student’s address. In addition to system wide features based on the student’s address, often administrators need to be able to report on applicants and placed or registered students in a variety of ways and the new Applicant Mapping features within the Smart Choice system make this a reality!

The new applicant mapping feature allows administrators to easily map applicant addresses based on a variety of criteria.  This feature can be used by marketing or recruiting departments to view applicant addresses in a whole new way. Applicants can be filtered by program, grade, application status and placement list to be plotted on a map.

From the application management screen, administrators will have the option to filter and sort for applications with the existing filters in their system. Once they have filtered to find the group of students they want to map, there is a “Map View” option which will allow them to view all selected applicants in a map format. From the map each pin represents a student’s home address with the ability for the administrator to view the student’s record with a simple and easy link to all applications on file for that student.

In addition to filtered mapping options, the administrators has the option to map all applications by program and by grade. These options allow the administrators to see a variety of applicants plotted on a map and organized by the selected criteria.  The administrator also has the capability to manage the pin color by program and grade to make the map easy to read and customizable based on internal needs.

From the map view, administrators can easily print the map or save the image to share with other administrators or colleagues. Learn more about this feature today by scheduling a demo or if you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information.