It’s to no surprise the importance of having the ability to email system administrators, parents and even recommenders. Our bulk emailing capabilities allow you to easily send out mass messages to users of various types based on needs and filters. To make this process easy and efficient Smart Choice has developed an option to email parents, administrators and recommenders in bulk in a few simple steps.

Using the Smart Choice tools you are already familiar with, the bulk emailing  feature is incorporated into the User Management Toolset.  Using the communication tool filter to bulk select your recipients, you will now have the ability to build out your email you wish to send to parents.

Each email can be easily customized from the SEND EMAIL  screen. Before sending the email you have the opportunity to enter in a subject of the email, one or more administrator(s) in the ‘Send Summary To’ field; you can also allow for a specific ‘Reply To’ address for the email notification. Another added feature is the ability to use an existing letter template created within the SETTINGS>>CONTENT/LETTERS area or by typing in a one time message including the ability to use dynamic variables from the application or system as a whole to personalize your messages.

Depending on the application and/or enrollment process, various administrators may require email notifications. Using similar steps noted above, there is the ability to bulk email multiple administrators. Easily filter in the User Management Toolset  by ‘User Group’. Upon doing so, you have the ability to bulk select administrators, determine email options like subject, summary and/or reply to address; and last but not least choosing to send out either a letter template or a one time message. 

If you are utilizing the Online Recommendations feature, the bulk emailing tool also allows for you to easily bulk email recommenders as needed.

Learn more about this feature today by scheduling a demo or if you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information.