The new Smart Choice School Finder feature allows parents to review and compare schools and programs by a number of search criteria in a few simple steps.

Parents can first search by school level or organization. Upon clicking their school level they will see all schools for that level organized on a map based view. From this view they can easily review basic information about each school and also set any school to their ‘favorites.”



Next, parents have the option to search by home address and grade level.  This will showcase all schools accepting applications or enrollments for their students grade in a map view in comparison to their home address. In addition this view can easily show the student’s home or zoned school in comparison to their options. Each school has a profile to showcase important information about the school for parents to view while searching. These profiles can be viewed individually or in a comparison view.



Lastly, parents can fill out a multi step questionnaire about their needs and interested for a school and its offerings. These interests along with the student’s address and grade level fine tune the results shown to parents to make the process completely personalized.

Comparing schools has never been easier for parents with the Smart Choice School Finder solution.

Learn more about this feature today by scheduling a demo or if you are an existing Smart Choice user you can contact your account manager for more information.