centralized enrollment, universal enrollment, common enrollment solution

Centralized Enrollment Solution

Unrivaled Flexibility. Extensive Feature List. The Smart Choice Centralized Enrollment Solution is Simple and Easy to Use for Everyone.

The Smart Choice centralized enrollment system is designed to streamline and easily handle the complex and varied administration demands of PreK-12 centralized enrollment, universal enrollment and common enrollment needs. Additionally, Smart Choice’s fair and secure blind lottery and waitlist management tools ensure the integrity of a streamlined selection and placement process.

centralized enrollment, universal enrollment, common enrollment solution

Centralized Enrollment Means Opportunity

As school choice in PreK-12 systems takes root across the country, it has expanded educational opportunities for families more than ever before. Instead of attending locally assigned schools, school choice allows parents to choose from a variety of options, including public schools, public magnet schools and academies, as well as charter schools. This movement brings with it its own set of unique challenges for parents and administrators.

Big Challenges. Big Solution.

The Smart Choice centralized enrollment system solves many of these challenges. It centralizes city-wide or regional PreK-12 enrollment and registration processes under one system, providing administrators and parents a simple, single application and enrollment process.

At the stakeholder level, the Smart Choice centralized enrollment system has overcome challenges related to administrative complexity and diversity in the PreK-12 application and enrollment process by compartmentalizing administration among participating entities, often independently governed and managed districts, charter schools and other organizations.

Administration & User Management

Smart Choice’s centralized enrollment system provides a tiered (compartmented) user management system to allow centralized administration, distributed administration or a combination of both. This provides the flexibility to serve every administration and management model.

Administrative controls can be established at various levels, including system-wide, district level, school level, program level, grade level, and more.

This advanced user management system allows upper level administrative staff the ability to create and manage user groups, their permissions and system access based on their roles in the enrollment process.

Lower level administrators can be assigned to specific schools, programs and/or grades, giving them permissions to see and manage only their applications, based on the rules established by higher level administrators.

The user management system provides unrivaled flexibility, allowing as many user groups and individual users as needed to effectively manage diverse application and enrollment processes.

Lottery Selection & Placement Tools

Commonly, centralized enrollment systems include school choice programs that allow parents to apply for each child in their household to more than one school or program. These “multiple choices” per child introduce an additional layer of complexity and tedium in the management process.

The Smart Choice system has addressed these challenges. Our powerful blind lottery placement tools and wait list management tools simplify the administration, selection and placement of students applying to multiple programs, and it ensures a fair, secure and streamlined processes.

Based on system settings, preferences and other criteria, the Smart Choice universal enrollment system automates the selection and placement process to place students based on how parents have ranked their choices. This ensures accountability and availability; it ensures no student is occupying more than one seat across the entire centralized enrollment system, and offers waitlist options for alternate choices.

In this simple example, Johnny applies to three schools:

  • Pine Elementary (1st choice)
  • Oak Elementary (2nd choice)
  • Palm Elementary (3rd choice)

When the lottery runs for these programs, the system looks at how Johnny’s applications are ranked and makes a logical placement accordingly. If Johnny is waitlisted for his first choice at Pine Elementary, then his application for Oak Elementary is run through the lottery. In the case Johnny is waitlisted at Oak Elementary as well, then his third-choice application at Palm Elementary is run through the lottery.

In the case where Johnny is initially placed in one of his lower-ranked choices, Oak Elementary for example, he would remain on the waiting list for his higher ranked choice, Pine Elementary. If a vacancy at Pine Elementary becomes available, Johnny’s higher ranked choice, he would either be automatically moved up on the waitlist, or if he was at the top of the wait list he would be moved into the vacancy.

The Smart Choice centralized enrollment system’s lottery provides settings to accommodate this ongoing logical placement of school or program choices in real time based on complex rules specific to the organization, district or city.

Real time movement of students due to vacancies increases the flexibility and automation of the system and minimizes the day to day management of student placements. As rules and needs change from cycle to cycle, administrators can set and update placement and acceptance settings to increased system flexibility.

Additionally, at district and program levels, administrators can establish priority and prerequisite settings to meet application and placement rules and requirements.

Lottery Integrity Matters

Especially where independent entities participate in a centralized system, trust and accountability are paramount. The Smart Choice system provides multiple safeguards to protect the integrity of the lottery selection and placement process, including detailed system and user activity and history logs, as well as lottery auditing tools.

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The Smart Choice centralized enrollment system utilizes our extensive list of powerful standard functions with the ability to add our optional Pro Features, including Student Information System (SIS) Integration with multiple SIS systems, Online Scheduling, Text Messaging, and more.

Learn more about our solution here: Solution Overview, Applications and Parent Portal, Program and Application Management Tools, Lottery and Wait List Management Tools, and Enrollment & Registration component.

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Finding an effective and efficient way to manage centralized enrollment, universal enrollment and common enrollment systems represent one of the greatest administrative challenges PreK-12 education faces today.

Current homegrown systems are problematic and often create more complexity, limitations and problems for parents and administrators. The Smart Choice centralized enrollment system has overcome these problems and we’re helping more than three million students in more than 4,000 schools in districts all across the country.

We offer capabilities and flexibility unrivaled by any other system on the market, including existing homegrown systems. We would like to help you with your centralized, universal or common enrollment challenge. After a short demo, we believe you’ll be convinced Smart Choice is the right choice.

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The Smart Choice System has allowed us to fine tune how we handle our lottery process and how we get our message across to parents and community members.

Randall Domingue, Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator, Lafayette Parish Schools of Choice

Not only has the Smart Choice system improved the user experience for our application and lottery process, it has created a new system of accountability and control for our district choice process.

Enid Rey, Director of School Choice, Hartford Public Schools

The excellent customer service provided by the Smart Choice team has been the best we have ever received. The staff was so responsive to our districts needs...This application and lottery management system has truly been the “Smart Choice” for Durham Public Schools.

Donna Hudson, Director of Student Assignment, Durham Public Schools

Smart Choice Technologies has been all that Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) could have hoped for in an online application management and lottery system and more! What makes Smart Choice Technologies stand out...

Sherry Kully, Elementary Magnet Schools Coordinator, Glendale Unified School District

Smart Choices’ customer services and system tailoring have proven to be very helpful, quick and precise in meeting needs for the first year rollout. We look forward to a long relationship with Smart Choice.

Lou Kruger, Executive Director, St. Louis Public School Magnet and Choice School Placement

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