Lottery and Wait List Management

The Smart Choice Lottery and Wait List components offer the blind lottery parents, teachers and administrators can trust to be fair and secure while being efficient with real time notifications and updates.
Lottery and Wait List Management

Lottery and Wait List Working in Harmony

The Smart Choice Student Lottery component is the blind lottery parents, teachers and administrators can trust to be fair and secure.

The Smart Choice Wait List component allows administrators to manage a centralized real-time wait list, eliminating errors and the tedious process of updating multiple documents. Working together with the Smart Choice Lottery component, the Wait List component automatically manages selection results and notifications in real-time.

Lottery and Online Waitlist

Selection Criteria Configuration

The Smart Choice Student Lottery component is configured to select students based on your school or district’s selection criteria making sure that each lottery is fair, efficient and tailored to your needs.

Each lottery run generates lists of randomly selected students based on the programs’ specific selection criteria, twin and sibling pairings and other school and district specific selection criteria. It also generates waiting lists for each group, class and program.

Using the parent notification component, status updates can be made in real time. Automated customized emails ensure all parents are notified of their student’s placement or wait list rank and status, or they can log-in to their dashboard for real-time updates. The system allows for selected applicants to log into their dashboards to accept or decline their seats. This allows administrators to easily fill their seats with qualifying students from the list in the most efficient manner possible.

Audit Reports

Reports are also available within the lottery component designed to protect the integrity of the lottery selection process. Useful for auditing purposes, these reports log and track all test and official lottery runs by date, time and user. Smart Choice provides multiple safeguards to protect the integrity of your school system’s blind lottery process.

Automated Wait List and Student Movement

Following lottery selection, parents of students not selected are notified of their child’s wait list status and rank. The system allows for selected applicants to accept or decline their seat within the program. When seats are declined and become available, wait list students are automatically moved into open seats on the “selected list” and parents are notified of the changes.

Parent Dashboard Accept/Decline Options

When a parent accepts their child’s seat within a program or school, the student’s placement is locked-in on the “selected list” at the original placement rank and is noted in the administration dashboard as “accepted.”

If a parent declines a seat within a program or school, the student’s name is removed from the “selected list” and the first student on the wait list is automatically moved up onto the “selected list.”

This keeps the process of filling seats fair and efficient. When a student moves on to the “selected list,” the newly placed student is notified of their acceptance by e-mail and they too have the option to accept or decline their placement.

Manual Move Option

The Wait List component also provides a manual move option. This allows administrators to move applicant positions within “selected lists” and “wait lists,” if necessary.

Movement Tracking Reports

All applicant position moves within and between the “selected lists” and “wait lists” are tracked in each student’s application record, allowing administrators to view movement history, including when they were moved, who made the move and the reason for the move.

This history tracking feature keeps the process fair, honest and transparent by allowing administrators to recall the complete movement history of a student.

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Lottery & Wait List Features – Highlights


  • One-click student lottery
  • Secure, password protected system
  • Random algorithm ensures fair placement of applicants
  • Custom settings to meet district or school selection criteria/policies
  • Supports sibling and twin pairings
  • Supports pathways, feeders and various priorities
  • Manage openings for each program and each grade
  • Run lottery on one or multiple programs simultaneously, as well as specific grades or multiple grades simultaneously
  • Support for multiple pools, with the ability to merge/append new lottery results to previous lottery results
  • Lottery audit report records and logs all lottery runs
  • Email parent notifications of lottery placement
  • Option to turn on/off lottery notifications
  • Wait list management tools
  • Export lottery and wait lists for use in external programs
  • Print notification letters and mailing labels in bulk (Pro Feature)
  • Mobile access to lottery results (Pro Feature)

Wait List

  • Real-time selection list and wait list updates
  • Automated wait list creation based on available seats and eligible applicants
  • Automatic movement from “wait lists” to “selected lists,” when “Selected” seats are declined by parents
  • Manually move applications within “wait lists” or “selected lists”
  • Movement history and reason-for-movement tracking for administrators
  • Email notifications of wait list status and rank
  • Export student “selected lists” and “wait lists”

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The Smart Choice System has allowed us to fine tune how we handle our lottery process and how we get our message across to parents and community members.

Randall Domingue, Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator, Lafayette Parish Schools of Choice

Not only has the Smart Choice system improved the user experience for our application and lottery process, it has created a new system of accountability and control for our district choice process.

Enid Rey, Director of School Choice, Hartford Public Schools

The excellent customer service provided by the Smart Choice team has been the best we have ever received. The staff was so responsive to our districts needs...This application and lottery management system has truly been the “Smart Choice” for Durham Public Schools.

Donna Hudson, Director of Student Assignment, Durham Public Schools

Smart Choice Technologies has been all that Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) could have hoped for in an online application management and lottery system and more! What makes Smart Choice Technologies stand out...

Sherry Kully, Elementary Magnet Schools Coordinator, Glendale Unified School District

Smart Choices’ customer services and system tailoring have proven to be very helpful, quick and precise in meeting needs for the first year rollout. We look forward to a long relationship with Smart Choice.

Lou Kruger, Executive Director, St. Louis Public School Magnet and Choice School Placement

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