“Magnet schools are a crucial piece of the educational reform agenda in the United States. They matter immensely.”

Smart Choice Technologies is proud to work along side Magnet Schools of America by providing an online application and lottery management system to magnet schools across the nation.

Since the 1960’s magnet schools have been built upon the efforts of racial diversity in the classroom. Though magnet schools are a great way to create diverse learning environments, they provide students with so much more.

Magnet Schools of America recently posted an article titled “Why Magnet Schools Still Matter.” This article covers all the high points of the high achieving magnet schools across the country.

Innovative Curriculum

Offering a vast number of theme-based programs, magnet schools are focused on career and college preparation. Not only do these thematic programs offer  innovative curriculum they also are designed to engage students as well as parents.

Parent Engagement

Magnet schools give parents the ability to choose the school and the program that best fits their student. In a recent study by Magnet Schools of America, parent engagement was found to be 52% higher in magnet schools than in neighborhood schools.

There is no wonder that parents and students flock to magnet schools in large numbers. From 2000 to 2011, enrollment in magnet schools has grown 69%.

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Diversity Leads to Success

The link between diversity and success in the classroom is substantial. In this growing global society, it is essential to be tech savvy, open minded and culturally affluent.  Magnet schools prepare students for the interconnected world outside of the classroom through rigorous, creative and engaging curriculum.

Magnet School Support

As a proud supporter of Magnet Schools of America, Smart Choice Technologies provides an online application and lottery management system for magnet schools across the country. Our clients range from single schools to districts of 200,000 students!

Seeing is believing! Not only is the Smart Choice Solution powerful, extensible and flexible, it is easy and efficient.


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